5 Cheapest Cities to Live in Germany

Cost of living and housing in Germany is very affordable. For you, as an undergraduate, every penny is important and that’s normal to save every penny you can.

In large part the location you decide to live in Germany will determine a significant amount of your expenditures so it should be considered a top priority in your financial plan. In other words, if you reside in Munich in considered to be one of the most costly cities in Germany it is unlikely that you’ll save money, and your expenses is going to be high no matter how hard you try to manage it.

Are you a college student eager to study in Germany and want to be aware of the most affordable cities in Germany Below, we’ve created a an index of the top five cheap German cities.

Be aware that the majority of pieces on this subject tend to be focused on a specific aspect, such as rent costs, however this is not enough and certainly is not a complete explanation of what is the cost of living in this specific area is.

To compile this list, we’ve considered the price of various things and services, specifically rent utilities, food, and rent.

Below is the list of the five top cities with the lowest prices in Germany as well as a table for each to show prices to those in Berlin.


Bielefield is a city in Germany. Bielefield is situated within the region to the north of North Rhine-Westphalia and has a town with around 350,000 inhabitants. The city is located at affordable prices.

Rent is among your financial worries, but in this city, rent isn’t much of a concern. At present city, a single-bedroom apartment with the month-long rent of a single-bedroom home in city centre is EUR460 in the average. If you’re lucky there is a possibility of finding some in downtown areas for EUR400 monthly. In the majority of cases, in areas that are peripheral there are plenty of the apartments you want at a amount that is between EUR200 to EUR450.

In Bielefeld there are plenty of excellent restaurants where you can dine for a reasonable price. In the average, a dinner for one person in a cheap restaurant costs EUR10 and for two, the bill could go to EUR50. If you opt to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or cup of cappuccino, you’ll have to be prepared to add EUR3.50 or EUR2.70 to your bill.


Items or Services Bielefeld Berlin Bielfeld vs Berlin
One-bedroom apartment (City Center) €466 €860 -46%
One-bedroom apartment (Periphery) €400 €650 -39%
Utilities €200 €245 -18%
Local Transport Ticket €2.70 €2.80 -4%
Taxi Fare (1km) €2 €2 0
Restaurant Meal (1 person) €10 €8 +25%
Fitness Membership €30 €25 +19%

Frankfurt (Oder)

In the city of Frankfurt is situated on the the Oder’s river, and is located within East Germany near the Polish border. According to the most recent census records over 60,000 inhabitants reside in an area of about 150 km2.

Cost of life within Frankfurt (Oder) can be extremely affordable. A one-bedroom apartment in the central Frankfurt will cost approximately EUR460 per month. Those living those in the peripheral areas can cost EUR325. The cost of a three-bedroom apartment located in the city center will cost approximately EUR1,250. Other locations in the outer reaches in Frankfurt (Oder) provide a variety of three-bedroom units at a low cost that ranges between EUR400 to 1,400 euros. However that rent prices in Berlin are more expensive by 40% when compared the city of Frankfurt (Oder).

Utilities can have a major impact on your monthly expenses. On average, you’ll have be paying about EUR410 per month for utilities within Frankfurt (Oder). If you can save water usage, electricity, as well as other utilities, you’ll be able to cut the price to EUR225.

Frankfurt is particularly good because of its affordable restaurant. In a restaurant that is not expensive you can eat one meal for one person for EUR8 in the average. If you want to drink a beer with your pals as is the norm in Germany and Austria, you’ll be charged EUR3.10 for a beer from your local store and EUR2.85 for imported beers.


Items or Services Frankfurt(Oder) Berlin Frankfurt(Oder) vs Berlin
One-bedroom apartment (City Center) €466 €864 -46%
One-bedroom apartment (Periphery) €327 €650 -50%
Utilities €410 €245 +67%
Local Transport Ticket €1.70 €2.80 -39%
Taxi Fare (1km) €6 2€ +200%
Restaurant Meal (1 person) €8 €8 0
Fitness Membership €25 €25 0


In the middle located in central Germany, Halle is home to approximately 240,000 inhabitants and is spread over 135 square kilometers. In addition to being a city that will amaze you with its stunning Renessaince look, the costs of living in this region is quite reasonable.

In this beautiful metropolis, one can get an apartment with a bedroom in the downtown areas at EUR350 per month, on average. The cost for the same unit in suburban areas is approximately EUR200. More spacious apartment are more expensive. an apartment with three bedrooms in the city center can have an average monthly cost of EUR710 in the average, and those in the peripheral areas pay the rent is EUR470 per month is average. The rent for an apartments in Berlin is more expensive by 130 percent.

The cost of utilities can range from EUR85 to EUR340. In reality, you’ll be charged an average of EUR195 per month for utilities.

Everywhere There are a lot of excellent restaurants in which you can enjoy a great meal at an affordable price. If you choose to dine for a single person at an affordable restaurant, you’ll be paying on average EUR10. Additionally, you could take a cappuccino cup at EUR2.70 per person, or an ounce of beer for EUR3.50.


Items or Services Halle Berlin  Halle vs Berlin
One-bedroom apartment (City Center) €355 €865 -59%
One-bedroom apartment (Periphery) €305 €650 -53%
Utilities €195 €245 -21%
Local Transport Ticket €2.30 €2.80 -18%
Taxi Fare (1km) €2 €2 0
Restaurant Meal (1 person) €10 €8 +25%
Fitness Membership €27 €25 +9%


Krefeld is one of the cities within the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia near the city of Dusseldorf. Based on some estimated census data, Krefeld has a population of 230,000 people spread over the area of about 137 km square.

Krefeld is a reasonable area to reside in Germany. If you are renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city’s central area, you can get it for EUR450 per month, on average. The cost of renting an space is considerably lower in the outer reaches in the center of Krefeld. In the average, the monthly cost for a one-bedroom apartment that is located outside of the city of Krefeld is EUR400.

If you’re in need of more space and want to rent a bigger house and you are looking to spend more. The cost of renting three-bedroom apartments in the middle of Krefeld is about EUR760 which varies between EUR400 to EUR1,100.

The monthly expense of utilities will be EUR170 in the average. If you can manage your expenses around the house you could reduce your expenses in the near future. The cost of utilities in Krefeld is between EUR50 to EUR250.


Items or Services Krefeld Berlin Krefeld vs Berlin
One-bedroom apartment (City Center) €450 €860 -47%
One-bedroom apartment (Periphery) €400 €650 -39%
Utilities €170 €245 -30%
Local Transport Ticket €2.70 €2.80 -4%
Taxi Fare (1km) €2 €2 0
Restaurant Meal (1 person) €10 €8 +25%
Fitness Membership €26 €25 +4%


Passau is a small town situated in the southern part of Germany close to borders with Austria. It is commonly called “The city of Three Rivers” due to the fact that Danube, Inn and Ilz traverse its territory. Most recent records indicate that over 50,000 people reside in the region.

The cost of living is extremely low in the city. The cost of food, rent and utilities , and food are all at the lowest cost when as compared to other cities across Germany. One-bedroom apartment in the center of Passau for around EUR600 per month, and outside of the city center, the cost is around EUR340. The rents for three-bedroom apartments is more expensive, with EUR1,050 for the city center, and EUR700 in areas that are more peripheral.

The utility costs in this area of Germany is quite low. In Passau the cost is around EUR75 per monthly utility expenses. Be aware that the price of your utility bills could rise to EUR250.

If you love eating out and enjoy eating out, then Passau is the place to be since your pocket is still full. A one-person meal in an affordable eatery will be around EUR7. A similar meal could cost you more than 12% in Berlin. If you visit at a bar in your neighborhood, there is a chance to have a pint for EUR2.80 or an ice-cold bottle for 0.33l at EUR1.25 and a cappuccino costing EUR2.20.

Items or Services Passau Berlin Passau vs Berlin
One-bedroom apartment (City Center) €600 €865 -31%
One-bedroom apartment (Periphery) €340 €650 -48%
Utilities €76 €245 -69%
Local Transport Ticket €2 €2.80 -28%
Taxi Fare (1km) €4 €2 +100%
Restaurant Meal (1 person) €7 8€ -12%
Fitness Membership €23 €25 -7%


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