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Student Debt Burden Damages America.

Ronald Reagan understood that an educated population was more progressive than a Democratic one. He wanted to stop the exploding number of college-educated Americans due to the 1944 GI Bill (free tuition at the University of California) and the 1994 GI Bill. Forty years later, student loans have crippled two generations. The debt burdens more

Providence Art Club displays works by Rhode Island College Students.

On Sunday, February. 13, Providence Art Club opened its College Scholarship Exhibition at the Club’s Dodge House Gallery. The exhibit, which runs until March 4, showcases works created by students from colleges throughout Rhode Island. The exhibition was open to submissions from college juniors and sophomores from Rhode Island. According to Gallery Director Michael Rose,

How do you fund your MBA education?

Diligent research will pay off your efforts, from loans and scholarships to savings and sponsorship. Achieving an MBA can be an empowering experience; However, it comes at a cost. Fees for tuition, accommodation, food and small living expenses can add as high as PS100,000 per year for a student attending an elite business school. Even