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What is Germany most well-known for?

In the middle of the continent’s old, Germany is compelled of 16 states. It is known as the most powerful economic system in Europe and among the largest economies worldwide. It is a fascinating and rich story told by the old-fashioned and colourful structures castles, palaces, monuments and cathedrals and its beautiful landscapes, forests and mountains,

Study Abroad in Germany Packing List

When you go abroad to study in Germany you will not be able to return home with the things you require in the quantity you’d like. A lot of students are captivated by the excitement of the coming trip and don’t pay much importance to their final list of packing items, but then after they leave

Going to College in Germany for American Students Guide

Germany is the ideal place to attend the college of choice in for US students. It will not only offer you an elite education, but can also provide you with an unforgettable European experience. It’s no wonder that 380,000 international students, which includes over 6,800 students to the US are currently enrolled in the university in

5 Cheapest Cities to Live in Germany

Cost of living and housing in Germany is very affordable. For you, as an undergraduate, every penny is important and that’s normal to save every penny you can. In large part the location you decide to live in Germany will determine a significant amount of your expenditures so it should be considered a top priority in