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Going to College in Germany for American Students Guide

Germany is the ideal place to attend the college of choice in for US students. It will not only offer you an elite education, but can also provide you with an unforgettable European experience. It’s no wonder that 380,000 international students, which includes over 6,800 students to the US are currently enrolled in the university in

5 Cheapest Cities to Live in Germany

Cost of living and housing in Germany is very affordable. For you, as an undergraduate, every penny is important and that’s normal to save every penny you can. In large part the location you decide to live in Germany will determine a significant amount of your expenditures so it should be considered a top priority in

Social Distancing Guide for Students in Germany

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease that causes respiratory ailments. Common symptoms are cough, high temperatures, and breath shortness. It is considered important to stay clear of the transmission of the virus. It is possible through contact with a contact between people, in particular the virus is transferred through droplets of cough or sneeze. The countries that have

TK Insurance Germany

If you’re visiting Germany Do as the Germans do! Get health insurance! Germany has a requirement for all its residents and citizens to be covered by the health system. This means that when you’re an expat living in Germany either employed or beginning your studies, you’ll also have to purchase health insurance just like all other citizens

Student Visa For Germany From India

German universities are home to a huge amount of Indian students. According to the most recent numbers of students enrolled, India is the third most popular destination for international students studying in Germany. In 2017/18 Winter Semester, 17,570 Indian students were studying at universities within Germany, 48% more than three years earlier. The most frequent issue that students