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Germany fuel in Russian: A complicated 50-year relationship.

For 50 years, Russian fuel has powered German houses and businesses. Right away, the industry link was controversial. Nonetheless, it recognized deep financial connections between the two countries. Germany’s resistance to banning imports of Russian fuel is just a reflection of how deep and long-standing the country’s dependence on the vitality source is. Chancellor Olaf

German military on the rise.

It may appear that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s lack of experience on the world stage was evident when he made his first public appearance during the Munich Security Conference. Munich Security Conference on Saturday when he dismissed the remarks made by a Russian chief earlier that week in an event with Scholz held in Moscow,

German Beermaker Gilde Starts First US Brewery in Charlotte.

Charlotte, N.C. On Saturday, February, German beer producer Gilde will launch their first beer brewery in Germany located in Charlotte, N.C.. on 26th, 2022. Gilde Brewery has situated at 3530 Dewitt Lane in Charlotte’s flourishing Decrease South End neighborhood, thriving Lower South End community, a newly developed oasis for beer and brewing lovers. “We are