Education Ministry To Organise Webinar on Union Budget 2022-23’s Implementation Tomorrow.

This Education Ministry webinar seeks to aid in the efficient and swift application of Budget 2022-23 announcements. Premier Narendra Modi will address the plenary tomorrow.

New Delhi: Ministry of Education will organize webinars on implementing the Union Budget 2022-23 tomorrow, on February 21. This Education Ministry webinar seeks to aid in the efficient and quick execution of Budget 2022-22-23 announcements. Premier Narendra Modi will address the plenary session on the morning of tomorrow.

The webinar will feature sessions on various topics that are relevant and will see the participation of officials from government agencies of different ministries and state governments, representatives from industry and organizations that promote skill development, and students, educators, and other specialists. The purpose of the event, an official statement stated, is to discuss ideas with experts from both the private and public sectors and academia and industry to discover strategies to advance the realizing various issues across various sectors.

Seven breakout sessions in parallel will be scheduled under the themes identified. Action Points and broad strategies and timelines for implementation that are in line with the principle of ease of education and a focus on maximizing the potential for employment will be determined by the participating teams.

The main themes that were identified during the event are

  1. Digital University The Digital University is a way to make World Class Higher Education Accessible to All
  2. The digital teacher: Designing high-quality digital content and virtual labs for inclusion, better learning outcomes, and the ability to teach
  3. Broadening the reach of one Class One Channel: Reaching Quality Digital Education to the Farthest Corner
  4. India Particular Expertise of India Urban Planning and Design
  5. To promote stronger industry-skill linkages
  6. The establishment of educational institutions in GIFT City
  7. Intensifying the Industry-Skill Linkage in AVGC

The Finance Minister of the Union Nirmala Sitharaman announced the Union Budget for 2022-2023 on February 1. She reported that the finance minister would announce the creation of a brand new Digital University to provide access to students across the nation for world-class, quality universal education that is personalized to offer an outstanding education right at their fingertips. Minister also announced 750 virtual labs for Science and Mathematics to develop crucial critical thinking abilities.

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