Students in Germany strike to protest the herd immunity policy.

On Friday, around 150 students from Frankfurt Main take a strong stance against the profit-before-life policy of both the government of the federal and state levels in the pandemic of coronavirus.

Local groups from the youth group “Fridays for the Future” held a protest with the hashtag”#WirWerdenLaut” (#We’reGettingLoud). Students from all over the region joined in the demonstration in a march through the Alte Oper through the city center to City Hall.

The Twitter account of the organizers stated: “We demand that the intentional mass spread of the virus in schools stop! Coronavirus policies in schools cannot be allowed to continue as it is!”

Journalists on The World Socialist Web Site spoke to participants about a declaration by the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (IYSSE) supporting the school strikes and protests to ensure safe education. In the statement, the IYSSE demands the creation of independent rank-and-file committees made up of teachers and students to take the fight to their shoulders and call for the immediate implementation of required safety measures. This includes a swift end to the federal government’s “herd immunity plan,” comprehensive efforts to shield students from COVID, and the need to invest in education.

Elli is a Frankfurt student who attends the Frankfurt Musterschule Secondary school enthusiastically accepted IYSSE’s statement: IYSSE statement:

While the school’s teachers and 40 pupils were hospitalized or in quarantine simultaneously, she explained that the school was allowing the testing to students’ discretion.

In response to the IYSSE’s demand for school closures across the country, Elli said, “I consider it very reasonable. If itk’s face-to-face instruction, then there should be at least smaller classes and mandatory testing for all students.”

The night before night, at the end of the night, the Standing Conference of State Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) revealed the shocking number of students currently being affected by the coronavirus, over 50,000 more than last week. Additionally, nearly all of the pupils are now in quarantine.

“We are talking to the streets because schools are not safe in the pandemic,” Rike said. Rike is involved in “Fridays for the Future” and was a part of the organization behind the demonstration.

Niklas. Niklas and Dennis have moved. Dennis and Niklas came to Frankfurt from a town nearby in which they both have identical high schools. “The situation in the schools is no longer controllable,” Niklas said.

Rike, FridaysForFuture activist in Frankfurt

“In the last school year, many topics didn’t get covered,” Dennis stated. “For an extended period, there were online classes, which results in a disadvantage when it comes to the exams at the end of the year. Those who took online classes were often absent from a large portion of the exams.”

In a scenario in which “we sometimes have to go into quarantine every other day,” the preparation for the final exam was more challenging, as stated Niklas. He continued:

As Rike, Niklas sees the reason for the coronavirus catastrophe in the capitalist system:

The protests were overshadowed by the possibility of the third world war that was proclaimed in the words of US Vice President Joe Biden. “It’s terrible,” one student said. “Why do people not agree that Ukraine should be an unarmed country? The issue of war is a source of my insomnia. The worries for the future are massive due to the risk of war and an environmental crisis.”

In parallel to the protests in Frankfurt and Berlin, student representatives Tobias Westphal and Anjo Genow from Berlin delivered the petition #WirWerdenLaut which has 133,979 signatures for the Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger (Liberal Democratic Party-FDP). Before her election, she was a board member of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, well-known for collaborating with climate change denialists and backing far-right movements within South America.

Stark-Watzinger, like her counterparts at the state level, has stated that she would like to end the most recent quarantine and security measures to allow schools and businesses to operate normally. So, politicians and a section in the press are responding to the increasing resistance from students by launching a vicious attack on the students.

In Die Welt, published by the right-wing Springer group In Die Welt, the “independent philosopher” and software entrepreneur Jorg Friedrich refers to the students’ campaign as a “panic campaign” based on the “propaganda of fear.” Friedrich labels the call of students on behalf of “FFP2 masks and the abolition of compulsory attendance” as an “irrational appeal,” which suggests that the young find themselves “now themselves gripped by an irrational unfounded fear.”

In the manner of the radical right-wing conspiracy theorists, The author says it’s “telling” to investigate who is behind the “publicity-seeking action.” He mentions scientists like Michael Meyer-Herrmann, Dirk Brockmann, Jana Schroder, and Melanie Brinkmann, who “have become known to the public for lockdown demands, No-Covid and Zero-Covid strategies.”

Since the pandemic’s start, these scientists have been among the villains of the extreme right. They frequently received threats of violent acts and even murder.

“The fact that children and young people could then infect older people in their families or elsewhere outside school, for whom the virus could become life-threatening” is “a weak argument,” Friedrich writes. It is the responsibility of politicians to guide students “back on the path that leads them to a good life,” Friedrich suggests going to be a “normal school without daily tests, without masks and certainly without the constant danger of remote learning.”

About “The Long COVID problem” and the “likelihood of a serious health hazard,” the Die Welt writer declares: “No one wants a school operation that would protect students from all these dangers.”

With the backdrop of 17 youngsters who, as per Robert Koch Institute’s moderate estimates, have died of COVID-19 over the past month, These words amount to a call to increase deaths and illnesses.

On the previous night, ZDF’s broadcaster’s “Markus Lanz” talk show, KMK President Karin Prien (Christian Democratic Union-CDU) and Eva Hummers (a member of the RKI Standing Vaccine Commission) discredited the risks associated with the herd immunity program.

When Prien stated, in a way that distorts the facts in that Omicron “does not go into the lungs,” Hummers said the idea that “Long COVID does not exist in children.” In support by a moderator, Lanz asserted that routine tests could “breed fear” among pupils and provide “minimal benefit.”

It was reported that the demands made by the petition #WirWerdenLaut that was formulated by the student representative Johanna Borgermann were arrogantly ignored.

In contrast to the fearful and arrogant hostility that young people face from the established political elite, there is overwhelming support for the student’s worries among educators, parents, and other professionals.

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