The brand new Matan fellowships empower girls scholars to publish books about Torah research.

The fellowship at Kitvuni will be managed by Dr. Yael Ziegler, Matan’s Rosh Batei Midrash, and the Academic Director.

Matan Sadie Rennert Women’s Institute for Torah Studies has launched The Kitvuni Fellowship, a new program designed to help female academics and educators to publish and write books on Torah research in the areas that include Tanakh, Talmud, Halakha, and Jewish Thought in English or Hebrew. This program is supervised by Dr. Yael Ziegler, Matan’s Rosh Batei Midrash and Academic Director.

Matan was established in Jerusalem around 1988 by Rabbanit Malke Bina and now has eleven branches in Israel. It has been at the forefront of women’s Torah study through high-end Batei Midrash, community learning programs, thousands of students across the globe, and scores of highly regarded graduates who are leaders and educators.

Women studying at Matan Women’s Institute for Torah Studies in Jerusalem. (credit: GILAD MOR)

There is a substantial and significant influx of female leaders and teachers; however, the written Torah scholarship for women remains behind. To address this, Matan has founded The Kitvuni Fellowship. The idea is to provide financial assistance and mentorship, and professional service to a small group of women whose work will be able to fill Jewish shelves and become part of the holy corpus of Jewish texts. Rabbanit Bina said, “Kitvuni, Matan’s exciting new project, is a game-changer, catapulting women scholars onto the Torah bookshelf as authors.”

Applications for the inaugural group of Kitvuni Fellows will begin in September of 2022. They are accessible through the Matan website. The candidates who meet the requirements will participate in the three-day week-long program, including a day in Matan Beit Midrash in Jerusalem. Matan Beit Midrash in Jerusalem will be working with an individual advisor for professional seminars and the fellows’ writing group.

The project will collaborate with Koren Publishers Jerusalem, which will provide workshops and consultation for the writers during the project’s duration. Matthew Miller, Manager of Koren, claimed, “Even as we begin our 60th wedding activities, we are positively thrilled to be associates in Matan’s new Kitvuni Fellowship, that’ll let people to generally share our qualified experience with an extraordinary cohort of writers and spread their prepared Torah worldwide.”

“Dr. Ziegler included, “Because of the work of the pioneers in women’s Torah education, a whole generation of women who have been educated has emerged. The time is now to enhance the Jewish shelves with a large collection of high-quality books from these women.”

“Kitsune is called in gratitude to Esther’s wisdom in knowing the significance of the published word and her significant fulfillment in persuading the Sages to maintain her guide in writing within the canon. The Matan writers are likely to be involved in ‘kitsune l’dorot’ – writing that’ll influence potential generations.”

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