There are scholarships available for Guernsey County students,

The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio (FAO) announces the launch of three scholarship options for Guernsey County graduating students, the Charles E. Chippi Scholarship, the Michael C. Long Legacy Scholarship, and the James and Martha Thomas Scholarship specifically for Buckeye Trail High School students.

The Charles E. Chippi Scholarship is available to graduates of Guernsey County high school students who are pursuing post-secondary degrees in education.

A late man named Charles “Chuck” Chippi established the fund by calling it by his deed. A former school administrator, Chippi served 42 years in various local school districts, including Rolling Hills, Cambridge, and Shenandoah.

To be eligible to receive being eligible to receive the Michael C. Long Scholarship, The applicant must be a graduate of Buckeye Trail High School and living within Quaker City. Priority will be given to students attending The Ohio State University and seeking a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Mainly designed for Buckeye Trail students is the James and Martha Thomas Scholarship.

To be considered, candidates must be seniors in their final year at Buckeye Trail High School. They should have a GPA of 2.5 or more and seek a four or two-year degree intending to become a teacher. Students should also exhibit confidence, positive attitudes, integrity, honesty, accountability, perseverance, independence and entrepreneurship, and participation in extracurricular pursuits.

James Thomas was a former educator who started his teaching career at an elementary school with a single room called Bloomingrove and then was a teacher the classes at Londonderry Elementary, Oxford Elementary, Old Washington Elementary, and Quaker City Elementary.

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