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If you’re visiting Germany Do as the Germans do! Get health insurance!

Germany has a requirement for all its residents and citizens to be covered by the health system. This means that when you’re an expat living in Germany either employed or beginning your studies, you’ll also have to purchase health insurance just like all other citizens of Germany.

TK (Techniker Krankenkasse) is the biggest public health insurance provider in Germany and is among the most frequently used options for foreigners. With more than 1 million insured, TK insures a large majority of the population who reside in Germany. It has excellent coverage, low cost, and is very broad. Find out more about everything below!

1. Can I Get TK Health Insurance in Germany?

The German healthcare system is split into two areas: private and public. Since the majority of those living in Germany have access to health insurance that is public, most people can purchase TK insurance within Germany. We highly recommend TK particularly for those who are expats, as it’s extremely beneficial for those who aren’t German speakers. The website has information on as well as customer support along with the online application, in English for those who are an English user. Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) additionally meets all medical insurance requirements required for applicants for a German visa , and foreigners appreciate it.

Can I Get TK Insurance as an International Student in Germany?

Yes you can! Students studying for degrees in Germany have access to the public (statutory) health insurance. This means that any international students studying at a degree program could be TK policyholders. Students who are enrolled in classes for preparation or in language courses or who are above the age of 30 do not have access to the public health insurance coverage such as TK.

2. What Does TK Insurance Cover?

TK provides its policy holders with various benefits and a variety of benefits that are tailored to the individual’s specific situation and requirements. TK insurance will cover the cost of certain services such as general practitioner (general doctor) appointments, dental treatment, in-hospital treatments and out-patient treatment in addition to other benefits.

insurance for TK covers what follows:

GP appointments. You can choose the doctor you wish to see, the long as they are an insured public health insurance doctor. The documents will be settled by the physician and TK. The company will also help you schedule appointments with your doctor when you don’t have the time or resources to make them.

Hospital treatment. Hospital care is always accessible if you’re insured by TK. If you have to remain in the hospital for longer durations the patient will be obliged to pay a co-payment. The amount for co-payment is EUR10 per calendar day, with the maximum of 28 days in a calendar year.

The Basic Care of Dentistry. Basic dental examinations are covered by the TK insurance twice a year.

Medical Dressings and Medicines. Medical prescriptions from your physician are covered by the TK. However, a co-payment of at the minimum of EUR5 (at at least EUR10) will be required to the pharmacy.

The recommended vaccination costs of the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) will be paid by TK. This includes vaccinations for travel by private.

Screening examinations. Preventative examinations/check-ups are covered by TK insurance.

Lenses and Glasses. The cost of glasses and lenses are covered under TK once ordered by a physician, with a fixed price between 10 EUR and 113 EUR per glass.

The Free Family Insurance. When insured with TK, you may also add family members (immediate dependents) at no extra cost.

Travel Abroad Insurance. The TK eHealth card also comes with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) on the back. It can be used for travel abroad and are entitled to the same benefits as citizens of the country you’re traveling to.

3. How Much Does TK Insurance Cost?

Cost of TK insurance will depend the income you earn. People with an income that is higher will have to contribute more to public health insurance. In general, you’re required to pay two monthly payments in Germany and the other countries, the contribution rate of the state as well as the extra contribution rate both of which is dependent on your income. If you’re not sure and are unsure of the difference, we’ll explain both terms in the following paragraphs.

What Is the State Contribution Rate?

All health insurance providers that are public have the same contribution rate from the state. At present, the amount of state contributions is 14.6 percent of your earnings and is divided between the employer and employee equally. This means that employers and employees each pay 7.3 percent of your income monthly.

What Is the Additional Contribution Rate?

A small portion is included in the state contribution by the public medical insurance providers. This is typically lower than 1% and the TK rate is among the lowest rates of additional contribution. From 2019 the additional contribution rate for TK is 0.7 percent and is equally divided between employees and employers, similar to the contribution rate for the state. That means you’ll only pay 0.35 percent additional contribution rate in the event that you are insured by the TK.

How Much Does TK Insurance Cost for Students in Germany?

Students who qualify for public health insurance, are able to obtain TK insurance , and will pay among the most affordable rates. Students can pay a lower amount of healthcare costs with TKat a cost of EUR105.80 monthly (EUR103.94 each month, for students under 21 years old). The cost includes a portion of nursing expenses and is linked to long-term healthcare.

4. How to Get TK Health Insurance?

To be eligible for TK medical insurance coverage in Germany it is easy complete the application. This means that you could apply online, and you’ll get confirmation in up to two working days. It is required to complete an application form and then submit it. After that, you will be sent an email to confirm the health insurance you have with Techniker Krankenkasse (TK). Additionally, you will be required to provide an image of your passport to receive insurance cards, which is done via the internet or by mail. When you reach Germany (if it’s an ex-pat) make sure you update your address. You will receive your insurance certificate via post.

Like everything else in TK, the application procedure is extensive and accessible in English to all who don’t know German.

5. Why Should I Choose TK Health Insurance?

Alongside being one of the biggest public health insurance providers, TK also offers the most affordable rates available. However, these aren’t the only reasons that make TK the best option. The health insurance company also offers its policyholders with a variety of advantages, and we’ll be discussing them further below.

You Will Receive Coverage Abroad

Alongside the TK Health card you’ll also be provided with your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It is possible to use the EHIC when you travel beyond Germany that is, within the states that are members in the EU (including Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland). If you’re in another country you just need to present your EHIC to health facilities of the public and you’ll receive the same care as the citizens of that country.

TK also has agreements with hospitals across various European countries. You can get medical aid if you present your eHealth card from TK. There are also special agreements with other countries in order to provide that medical assistance is available all over the world.

You Can Insure Family Members for Free

If you’re an TK participant, you are able to cover your family members at no cost. Particularly you are able to cover your family members in the event that they are:

  • Civil partner or spouse.
  • The children (biological or adoptive) when:
  • They are younger than 18 years old.
  • They’re not yet employed (up to the age of 23)
  • Stepchildren and grandchildren are mostly provided by you as the insured member.
  • Foster kids (if you’re not working as their caregiver).

Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) Is Largely Expat-Friendly

For those who are an ex-pat, you will be awestruck by the TK! Starting from the fact that it meets all visa requirements in addition to offering support services in various languages which includes English however, it’s not just. Communication is always a benefit particularly in the field of health insurance. The sites are easy and informative. They are also frequently updated.

It Has a High Customer Satisfaction Rate

The customer service of TK is available round all hours of the day. It is not only always available however, it also offers support with support English for those who are not German speakers. They employ a customer-centric approach and follow each case from beginning to the point of completion. Based on surveys carried out by the company, 96.4 percent from TK customers were generally satisfied with the service provided by TK.

Provides Help in Making Doctor Appointments

Of course, you’ll can make appointment with your physician regardless of what the situation be. However, if for some reason that is not possible, then the company can make your appointment for you through TK-AppointmentService. This service is completely free for TK insureds.

If you must get appointments in a hurry and urgently, you should to visit your physician. The doctor should be one who is authorized to treat patients under health insurance that is public (statutory) healthcare insurance.

TK Offers a Bonus Program for Its Policyholders

The TK Bonus Program gives a wide range of benefits to its members. The bonus program involves participants “gathering” points, which are awarded according to the actions of the person. Particularly, clients are able to accumulate points when they go to dental exams and sporting events or courses (health-related) which are approved by TK. For instance, you’ll earn 200 points each time you go to a dental check-up and maintain your gums’ health or if you complete an ultramarathon. The points you earn will be awarded in cash.

This program helps customers remain healthy, enjoy collecting points and earning while doing it.

The TK App Helps You Save Time (And Paper)

You can address the health insurance-related issues by using the extensive TK App on your mobile. With this app, you’ll obtain your insurance card for your school in a matter of minutes, access to take advantage of the TK bonus program that accumulates points electronically and download the membership certificate for your employer, reorder an insurance policy, make instructions to your technicians and a variety of other beneficial alternatives.

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